$48.00 CAD
This kit will make 12 large or 30 small bath bombs. You have a large selection of popular fragrances to choose from and 3 bright beautiful bath bomb colorants.
$30.00 CAD
This kit makes over 3 pounds of luxurious handmade soap. This is our most popular kit and always available. The shea butter is organic.
$30.00 CAD
This kit is Vegan and Palm-free. Makes a luxurious creamy bar with bubbles and stable lather. Makes over 3 pounds of soap.
$13.00 CAD
Sodium Hydroxide is also known as lye or caustic soda.  It is necessary for the production of natural cold process and hot process bar soaps. Lye has many other uses than in soap making.
$25.00 CAD
This mold is easy to use for 1 to 4 pounds of handmade soaps. The hardware is removable.