Hair Care

Your hair, just like your body, needs time to adjust to changes.  Shampoos with less or no sulphates (SLS's, SLES's), parabens and glutens will feel different to you.  These unhealthy chemicals were added to your previous shampoos to cause great lathers, which you do not need for a healthy and complete cleanse.  

You will start to notice a difference.  Dull lifeless hair and a flaky scalp is usually from over shampooing.  Wash, rinse and repeat.....only makes things worse.  Keep your natural oils intact for your scalp and hair by shampooing less often. You may discover after using natural shampoo that you no longer require as many styling products or the curling iron.

Another tip.  Zealously drying and rubbing your hair with your towel breaks and damages your hair.  Instead, pat dry with a cotton towel then wrap with a thinner cotton t-shirt without over twisting.  

Shampoo:  Other shampoos use sulfates and other harsh chemicals that strip away your scalp’s natural oils.  Your scalp then produces more oil, which leads to more washing and more harsh chemicals. These chemicals in conventional shampoos will dry out your scalp, making itchiness and dandruff worse.  Our Ultra Premium Shampoo, on the other hand, cleans gently to preserve these vital oils for good scalp health. This makes it perfect for people with dry scalp conditions and those who suffer from certain kinds of hair loss.  Remember, the shampoo is for the hair lengths and conditioner is for the scalp.

Conditioner: Free of parabens, gluten & SLS.  Highly conditioning, leaves your hair feeling light and silky soft.  Goodbye scalp problems.  Our formula is non-irritating and gentle to use for everyone.  We add numerous botanicals, extracts, aloe vera and silk.  You will be left with clean conditioned hair and you should start feeling an improvement in your hair and scalp soon.

Dry Shampoo:  We use diatomaceaous earth (DE) in our Dry Shampoo.  DE is 84% silica, 100% natural and highly absorbant.  By utilizing a fine powder of all natural ingredients with no harch chemicals, you can extend the time between washings.  Your scalp may really benefit from this as the sebum will start to produce less oils and begin to regulate normally.