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Grooming Products with no harsh chemicals

My beautiful dog Foxy was the reason I started this business.  She had a severe skin infection and was being treated with steroids, medications and a medicated bath every other day.  She was not doing well.  Then someone told me to put tumeric in her food.  I did and the results were amazing.  That was when I decided that perhaps natural remedies could be extremely effective.  

I searched in pet stores for natural shampoos.  Many had the words "Natural" somewhere on them but still had ingredients the dogs could certainly do without.  And they all had FRAGRANCE!  I did not find a single one without fragrance. I decided I would make a healthier shampoo.  One that could relieve itchiness and discomfort for dogs as it seemed that more and more dogs were being negatively affected by foods and environment.

I hope you and your best friend like my shampoo.  I also use Wixy Soap Goat's Milk Oatmeal Neem and Sweet Orange bar soap on my dog.  It is even more closely matched to a dog's skin pH than ours.  Lathers well and will last for a long time.

Stay tuned for a conditioner.