Wixy Soap\'s fragrances are paraben-free
Fragrance oils

We carry a vast selection of liquid concentrate fragrance oils.  Common uses like soapmaking, candlemaking are identified under each fragrance.

Our fragrance oils can be used for both skin and hair.  They are used to impart a pleasant smell to your soaps and candles. These fragrances are rich and complex and they last a long time.  As well as being paraben-free, many are phthalate-free too.  We identify here which fragrance oils are phthalate-free.  More and more phthalate-free fragrances will be available as suppliers respond to consumer demand.

Phthalates?  What are they?

What are they?  What are they in? What are the dangers? How can we avoid them?  There are many websites available to read about phthalates.


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Bitter Almond 4.7/5

$ 6.50 CAD plus 5% tax.

This phthalate-free fragrance oil has the characteristic sweet scent of crushed bitter almond kernels or marzipan.


Common Uses:
 Candles / Incense
 Hair Care, Body Washes and Bath Products

This fragrant oil is Phthalate Free. This fragrant oil may crystallize. Simply heat it gently and shake well before using.

A strong scent, use a little less than other FO's.